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John Prather’s childhood dream may have been to become a professional basketball player, but his calling was to become a financial advisor. As a young finance grad, John moved to Memphis to be closer to family. An aptitude for numbers combined with a desire to help others soon secured him a position as a financial services representative. New to the area, with few personal contacts, he sought to cultivate clients who were also just starting out their professional careers.

John found a natural fit working with young medical residents who were studying at the University of Tennessee. He was struck by the specific issues faced by young doctors. Having spent almost half their lives in training by the time they left residency, they felt anxious to start their financial lives on a strong footing, but many were hampered with significant debt accumulated over the years. “The residents I worked with needed help,” John remembers. “They were at a point of great change in their lives; starting both families and careers. I worked with them to establish good financial habits early.” John coached his young clients to articulate their goals, and then helped them work towards those goals using a disciplined approach.

Today, those early clients are seasoned physicians and practice owners; and John is proud to count them both as clients and friends. John has witnessed their families grow, children head to college, and experienced other life changes – and challenges - with them. Over the course of over two decades, he has also cultivated a unique understanding of the specific needs of healthcare professionals. John’s practice exclusively focuses on working with physicians and their families. All of his clients come to him by referral from other satisfied clients.

What John finds most gratifying about his work is the ability to coach his clients toward a goal. “My hope is to help my clients get closer to their vision – whether it’s retirement, or leaving a legacy, or anything else” he says. John is currently working on his Masters degree in Financial Services.

Except for a four-year stint in Tupelo, Mississippi, John has spent his professional life working in Memphis; he knows the area well and speaks of it fondly. Originally from Illinois, John now lives in East Memphis. His time away from the office is spent with his wife Hermenia, and their five children. John and Hermenia have been married for over twenty years. He enjoys traveling with his family and coaches his children in youth basketball.

John Prather is a registered representative of and offers securities, investment advisory and financial planning services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC, 12 Cadillac Drive, Suite 440, Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 309-6300. Capital Financial Advisors, LLC is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC or its affiliated companies.