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Neighborhood Christian Center

It was our privilege to serve Neighborhood Christian Center during the 2014 holiday season by participating in two amazing programs: the Christmas Basket Packing Program and the Christmas Family Adoption Program. Neighborhood Christian Center is a Christian-based organization that offers many types of assistance to urban areas in need within our great city. At Christmas Basket Packing, our employees and employees’ families enjoyed serving thousands of less fortunate mid-south families by helping prepare Christmas food baskets which provides each family to have. These baskets provide a family of four with four well-balanced meals.

In addition, we adopted a family through the Greenbriar branch of the Neighborhood Christian Center which is located in Frayser. Our family consisted of a mother and her three young children ages 2, 7, and 8. They live in the New Greenbriar Apartments which are owned by Neighborhood Christian Center. The mother is currently a participant in the Women Empowered to Succeed Program and the children are participants in Operation Smart Child and Compassionate Kids Program. We were truly overjoyed to be able to help these families in their time of need. In addition to being able to help our adopted family, the experience was a deep bonding experience for the members of the Capital Financial Advisors/Group family. We shopped for the families and wrapped their presents together, then delivered the presents to the Greenbrier center. It was such an uplifting experience. The ladies that run the center could not have been more gracious.


There are many wonderful programs and volunteer opportunities offered through Neighborhood Christian Center. We invite you to visit their website and explore how this fantastic organization is serving our community: